Direction, Animation, Video Installations

  PREMIERE of CYCLE OF VIOLENCE in Virtual Reality!
At Encounter Film Festival in Bristol 27 Sept and 2 Oct 2022
  Giggling as she hops between hills of fluffy pink cotton wool, Bunny tries to charm and seduce us. The relationship, at first so intimate and lustful, suddenly breaks down and turns to a furious escalation of accusations and violence.
The Cycle of Violence is an immersive video installation that completly surround the audience. The Video is Projected on for walls, 360 degrees around the audience. The story is constructed as a loop, without a beginning or an end. The film can also be experienced in a similar way in VR.
  2022 Yugo BAFTA Student Awards Shortlist
A Very happy and quite proud that Cycle of Violence got shortlisted for the The British Academy of Film and Television Arts Student Awards 2022! Thank you!

Between humans and non-humans: Elisabeth Anna Maria Kaiser, Mícheál Keating, Felicia Bergström, Tillandsia Usneoides, MaxPatch_15-11-21 and MiniMIDI. Filmed at Raumwelten Festival, Ludwigsburg, November 2021.

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